Heart of Eden Peat Free Compost 50ltr

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Brand: Heart of Eden
Cat No: HECOMP50


Heart of Eden Peat Free Compost 50ltr

All-Purpose Natural Compost is an environmentally friendly all-rounder product, suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.
Peat free and based on premium quality ingredients, this multi-purpose compost is enriched with naturally occurring nutrients and balanced fertiliser levels, ensuring healthy and vigorous plants at all stages of growth and under a variety of situations, for use all year round.
Suitable for seeds, cuttings, pots, hanging baskets and tubs.

  • Peat-free
  • Fertiliser to encourage healthy growth
  • Gives plants and seeds a great start when sowed
  • Includes composted bark fines and PAS100 certified soil improver with added nutrients
  • 100% of materials sourced in the UK

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