Metolux 1-Part Wood Filler 250ml

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  • Creamy texture for easy application.

  • Handy pack size in a range of suitable colour matches.

  • Easy to work with particularly for large flat surfaces

  • Accepts all finishes including all known paint systems and varnishes.

  • Easy to sand down to perfection • Ideal for interior use – very low odour.

Barcode: 5018567124423
Brand: Metolux
Cat No: M30004


Need help maintaining wooden structures for your home or at work? Need a solution to repairing damaged wood and blemishes? The Metolux Wood Filler is the answer to all of your problems!

This 1-Part Wood Filler is a high strength, pre-coloured polyester wood filler perfect for wood filling and repairing tiny pinholes and cracks below 5mm. The Metolux Wood Filler also comes in an easy-to-carry size, allowing you to perform maintenance tasks with minimum fuss.

Coming in 5 colours, the Metolux Wood Filler’s odourless, creamy texture makes it easy to apply across large flat wooden surfaces. It can then be covered with any and all possible varnishes and paint systems. It can also be sanded down to suit all aesthetic and practical needs, making this Metolux Filler a versatile solution to your maintenance needs.

Metolux 1 Part Wood Filler is a pre-coloured one part high strength polyester wood filler supplied in a handy pack size. Used for the filling and repair of small pinholes and cracks below 5mm depth.

Particularly suited to flat face-up applications and for materials such as MDF and chipboard.  Fast drying in the normal atmosphere.

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Dark Oak, Light, Light Oak, Mahogany, Medium/Dark, Pine, White


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