Bird Brand Complete Wood Protector Light Brown 5ltr

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Barcode: 5016679520812
Brand: Bird Brand
Cat No: 0817


Complete Wood PROTECTOR is a solvent based wood treatment that protects external timbers using a similar formulation to our the first generation of the Bird Brand Complete Wood Preserver*.

  • The finish on rough sawn timber is also identical the Complete Wood Preservers.
  • Complete Wood PROTECTOR is  still water repellent and so prevents water ingress and damage.
  • The film biocide active ingredient (IPBC) inside the Complete Wood PROTECTOR helps protect against fungal growth.
  • Complete Wood PROTECTOR is Solvent based for high penetration and also contains UV resisting pigments.
  • Available in 8 colours including Clear **(**Clear contains much less wax to allow for easier over-painting).
  • Can be brush, dip or spray applied.

*Please note:

As Complete Wood PROTECTOR is not HSE registered as a wood preserver, it would not be suitable for eradicating or preventing wood boring insects.  However for use on pre-treated timber, regular application of Complete Wood PROTECTOR will provide a cost effective protection for external timbers.

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