Metsa Deck Board Ex32x150mm (27x144mm)

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Due to global supply chain issues stock availability of some building materials is restricted. We are working within our allocations, so please bear with us during these times.

  • Nominal Size: 32x150mm
  • Finished Size: 27x145mm
  • Available lenghts: 3.0, 3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4mtr
Brand: Metsawood
Cat No: 32150DB


Deck boards are manufactured from slow grown Northern European timber which provides arguably the most dimensionally stable, long lasting softwood decking on the market.
The timbers from northern latitudes because the trees in these regions grow slowly, which means the wood fibres are packed closely together and after manufacture this close packed structure gives your decking its strength.

When the timber absorbs rainwater, it expands less than many other timbers and as a result there is less movement, which in turn reduces the strain against the fixings and minimises the risk of boards twisting, warping or splitting. You can check how slowly grown the timber is by comparing the number of growth rings, the more growth rings, the slower grown the timber.

Coverage: 6.7 metres per 1 square metre

Please note this decking is grooved both sides

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Softwood Deck Board




3.0mtr, 3.6mtr, 4.2mtr, 4.5mtr, 4.8mtr, 5.4mtr



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