Concrete Support Post 100x100x1220mm

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Brand: FP McCann
Cat No: PRE FP SUP 120 4X4


These concrete repair spurs are perfect for supporting square timber fence posts that have rotted at ground level. This is a natural occurrence due to moisture from the earth which can degrade the timber.

With concrete you don’t have that problem because it does not degrade. The concrete repair spur reinforces and strengthens the fence, as well as preventing further damage.

Concrete repair spurs are an economical alternative to replacing your entire fence if it’s only the post that has deteriorated. This also means you suffer less disturbance as they are very quick and easy to install.

Repair spurs are installed using either a mixture of ballast & cement or postfix and coach screws are used to support fence posts where the bottom of the timber has rotted at ground level.

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Fence Post Repair Spur