Hammerite Garage Door Enamel Red 750ml

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Barcode: 5011867018393
Brand: Hammerite
Cat No: 5092852


Tough, durable high gloss finish for metal and wooden garage doors. Reduces runs when applied to vertical services.

White Spirit clean-up. Highly resistant to flaking and discolouration.

To get the best results, ensure surface is dry and free from loose rust millscale, paint, oil and grease. Lightly abrade painted surfaces with a suitable abrasive paper and if necessary a wire brush to remove rust. Degrease where necessary with white spirit. Prime bare aluminium or galvanised steel with Hammerite Special Metals Primer.

On areas of bare or rusty steel apply a suitable metal primer. For best results use Hammerite No1. Rustbeater.

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