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Cavity Tray - Stop End Left Hand

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Manthorpes Horizontal Trays are designed for use in horizontal abutment situations and for refurbishment details.

The Horizontal Cavity Tray is a 900mm injection moulded tray which incorporates inter-locking stop-ends for ease of fitting.
The pull away mortar strips clipped to the front of the tray provide a perfectly chased out slot for quick and simple insertion.
Each tray is a self contained unit to ensure a failsafe system.

Manthorpe Weep Vents or Peep Weeps should be fitted into the brickwork at 450mm spacings to allow the collected water to drain away.

The Refurbishment Cavity Tray is a 450mm version of the regular Horizontal Cavity Tray specifically designed for use in refurbishment situations.

The trays are retro-fitted by removing three bricks at a time from the existing wall and sliding the tray into position through the gap.

The shortened up-stand allows for easy manipulation when sliding the tray into and existing cavity.

The GW296 Internal Corner Tray and GW297 External Corner Tray are used when a Horizontal or Refurbishment run of trays has to turn through a 90 angle.

These are easily fixed to the surrounding Horizontal Trays by means of a mastic strip. Simply peel off the wax tape and attach.

Depending on the detail it may be necessary to cut down a Horizontal Tray.

A GW298/99 Stop-End should be used to terminate a cut down tray

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