ArborJoist Recycled Plastic Joist 50x50mm x 3.0mtr

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Brand: ArborJoist
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Plastic joists are heavy duty and environmentally friendly decking supports that will last many years without needing treatment or developping rot. These plastic joists are made from recycled plastics known as Manticore Timber and carry a 10 year warranty. While it doesn’t come with the same cachet as traditional wood, it’s a composite material that will save you time and money on maintenance costs once it is properly installed. And remember that it will be hidden under your deck, so nobody will notice it.

Plastic joists are very handy to work with. They can be used on uneven surfaces and will guarantee a moisture resistant framework while providing a strong supporting base for laying out your deck. It will also reduce the need for extensive work on the foundation. This is not to say that you shouldn’t pay attention to your foundation since the successful completion of your deck and its durability will rely on that structure. 

It is used mostly for decking substructures but can also be used as fence posts. The tools used for cutting and drilling plastic timber are the same as if you were working with wood. However, it is possible to come across small pieces of metal, for this reason it is advised to avoid using diamond tipped blades and stick to tungsten carbide tipped drill bits and saw blades when working with this material. 


Last a lifetime
Maintenance free
Moisture resistant
Kid-friendly (no splinters)
No risk of splitting

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