Superfine P2 Chipboard 2440x1220x25mm

£29.30 inc VAT

Superfine P2 Chipboard 2440x1220x25mm

£29.30 inc VAT

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Barcode: 11871
Cat No: 11871


Maybe it’s a ‘bread and butter’ product, but we still believe Standard Chipboard should be top quality. Builders, joiners, manufacturers – they can all depend on our easily worked, consistent quality Standard Chipboard.

Suitable for a great many uses in furniture making, our particleboard standard has an uniformly smooth surface. Available in an wide range of standard sizes and thicknesses, it can be used raw or surfaced with veneer, paper, PVC, etc. Meeting the requirements and procedures of the European Standards, its characteristics make it appliable in many interior and furniture applications, specially due to its excellent behaviour on being cut, milled, sandpapered and finished.

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